ad for "Wild Cards Sets Uncensored" advertising for private commissions of your "favourite model or superheroine? your wife... your mistress?"
ad for "Wild Card Sets Uncensored" deck of cards featuring knockoff pinups of DC characters like Harley Quinn

Not!Ivy's Escher Girls Triple Crown

angrybidoof submitted:

I’m not entirely sure if these count, but It feels off to me (the way they bend their spines hurts me) found them on kickstarter and this was funded in under 4 hours.

This poison ivy for definite belongs here though

I'm on the fence about this because while it's a public advertisement and those are very clearly meant to be Harley and Ivy, it's also private commissions... but yes that is the not!Poison Ivy in a boobs and butt (and crotch!) pose.  Also the part about getting naked art of real people presumably without their knowledge...

(Thank you to Nicky Trashfox for creating the Esme and Cherry boob covering heads.  The full hi-res heads can be downloaded here in case anybody wants them to stick on future submissions or whatever :3 )