ad for Eternal Sword with a pink haired pale girl in a low cut dress facing us, one leg appears to be coming from the left out of nowhere
logo for Eternal Sword with the ETER built into the logo as differently sized rods and gears

The leg was late because it was trying to figure out the logo

I saw this ad, and two things stood out to me.

1) her leg appears to be either trying to escape, or it got out of bed late and is rushing to the scene hoping nobody noticed

b) I could not figure out what the name of the game was from that logo

It took me having to go into the ad's html source to see that the game name is "Eternal Sword" and not something like "Final Sword" which is what I assumed until googling "Final Sword" came up with no related hits.

(Advertisement for Eternal Sword, Neocraft Ltd.)