fake advertisement in gaming magazine for "Age of Consent II" mocked up to look like "Age of Empires II" game cover but with Natalie Portman, Katie Holmes, and Britney Spears on the cover and text about having sex with teenage girls

I have no words and I must scream

From Jess Morrissette on Twitter (with permission):

I think I've found it: the worst thing ever published in a video game magazine. It's a fake advertisement for a nonexistent Age of Empires II parody titled Age of Consent II: The Age of Kink. This cursed image is from the May 2000 issue of PC Accelerator.

I know it's a joke ad but... my jaw is just... hanging open... and the text... "But be careful - make the wrong choice and you may end up defending yourself in court against the dreaded "lying little bitch"."  I know PC Accelerator was like Maxim for gaming but when some women gamers talk about feeling unwelcome... *points to ad* o_o