Joel Evans: My name is Joel Evans, I’m

My name is Joel Evans, I’m submitting a redraw of the Angela character. I wanted to do this redraw because I thought that the stance she was in was really powerful, but the armor didn’t protect a whole lot. I’m vaguely familiar with the character from back when I used to read Spawn comics way back in the day, so I wanted to make a outfit that reflected a bit of her skillset, and her powers.

I reasoned that, if a character is wearing armor, then they can be injured. And if they can be injured, then it’s in their own best interests to protect themselves. In this case, the character is definitely superhuman, and as such can wear full-body armor without slowing her down. I understand some characters will forego armor to gain an advantage in speed, but someone that hits with the concussive force of a semi-truck isn’t going to be slowed down by a breastplate that covers her chest.

So, I threw the metal bikini out the window and gave her a decent breastplate, and filled in some gaps in the armor. I gave her a kind of flexible armored legplate with golden scales to complement the asymmetrical armor design. Plus, I figured she could use the extra bit of armor on her lead leg. I assumed she’s fighting with her strong side forward, which I presumed to be her right side, judging from the way the sword is worn.

Overall I think this design veers a little more toward the new Asgardian aesthetic from the Thor movies, with a bit of a resemblance to Lady Sif. But that’s okay, because Lady Sif is awesome. I just wish they gave Sif a bigger shield in those movies and some chain mail to cover her I’m ranting now.

Anyway, let me know what you think about the redraw, I do these fairly casually in my spare time when I’m not writing my hackjob novel for National Novel Writing Month. It’s about a really handsome guy that does armor redraws in his spare time, who gets involved in a hunt for mythical artifacts in a race against time against nazis that- oh, that, that’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, isn’t it? Oh, noes.


Cool redesign.  I liked that you gave a detailed reasoning for the armor choices. :)