Tumblr ask response on the worst issue of The Avengers

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thebiscuiteternal  asked:

Oh, I can tell you the worst issue! Avengers #200, where Carol gets pregnant and gives birth to the guy who mind controlled her to get her pregnant! And then he mind controls her again to stay with him! And the rest of the Avengers are inexplicably *totally cool* with this! And before you ask, there were *six* writers involved in it, one of whom also wrote the "Hank Pym has a psychotic breakdown and backhands his wife" arc!

oh right, I actually knew that as I have the Essentials collection that had the aftermath issue where she confronts the Avengers, I just forgot the actual storyline was in an Avengers issue. I guess I thought it was in Ms. Marvel not Avengers proper, but yeah that storyline was awful.  Thanks so much for the response and info!