image reads "May 2024 Updates!" in pink font, in the background are 6 images arranged in a 2 by 3 pattern, the top 3 are coversof "X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy of Fire" showing a white girl with a red bob in a gold V top that covers the bottoms of her breasts, and a thong bikini bottom with the top peeling off, the bottom 3 images are a lady  wear knight armor on her arms with a boob hole on her chest, a woman in bikini armor in a boobs and butt pose, and a naked woman from the back with a 90 degree bent spine

May 2024 Update and Thank You to our April Patreon supporters!!!

Hi everybody!  

It's May (my birth month!) so it's time for another site update and to thank all our wonderful Patreon supporters!

First, we're still updating the site layout to be more user friendly.  Mobile users should have noticed that the site is a lot easier to navigate and no longer has the floating widget that blocks most of the image.  The desktop web browser layout is next to get an overhaul which I hope will make the front page more engaging.  We'll also be adding a tag cloud and a glossary and index of tags so it'll be easier for people to look through the archives. The glossary should explain what some of the terms like "boobsocks" (clothing that encases each breast separately like socks), "boob flounder" (both breasts on one side of the body), etc... mean.

If anybody has any other suggestions to improve the site's usability and readability, please let me know.  I'm very interested in feedback. 

A reminder, for those who want to follow us without using Tumblr, we have an RSS feed. (For newbies, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is basically a feed you can read using an RSS reader. Simply copy and paste into an RSS reader and it will keep you up to date on Escher Girls!)

Second, as usual, I've been working through restoring all the broken/poorly formatted/un-alt-texted posts from the past.  That's like 10 years of posts, so it takes a while.  This month my major restorations are these 3 "Legacy of the Phoenix" Marvel Max covers which has that infamous "peeling thong" image, this Magic Knight Armageddon card of a sexy elven Spartan, and the entire "Chronicles of the Dragon Knights"/"La Geste de Chevaliers Dragons" tag which includes 2 posts that have lengthy discussions from commenters about the work and what they think of it which may or may not be interesting to people. There's also a submission and redraw of a Tetris girl by Junodog.

I'm still working my way through the Tumblr inbox backlog, so if you submitted a post a long time ago, you might see it pop up in the near future.  I'm really sorry how long it takes for me to get to older submissions, Tumblr's inbox works in reverse chronological order so things get buried really easily.  I'm also still appealing the many incorrectly flagged posts on Tumblr, but the responses are automated and arbitrary (the algorithm seems to have a hard time knowing what actual nudity is because they constantly flag single coloured full bodysuits as nudity xD ).

Anyway, now I want to thank all of the wonderful Patreon supporters.  I really appreciate the support on Patreon and Ko-Fi because it helps me keep the site independently run from having to rely just on Tumblr or any other platform, and allows us to make site upgrades and make the site more accessible to people with disabilities.  Your support helps me pay for the domain, hosting, and other upgrades. <3

So I want to give a huge sincere thank you to everybody who supported Escher Girls on Patreon in April!

Thank you so very much to:

Anne Adler
Cat Mara
Chris McKenzie
Em Bardon
First Time Trek
Greg Sepelak
Ian Cameron
Ken Trosaurus
Kevin Carson
Kim Wincen
Manuel Dalton
Mary Kuhner
Max Schwarz
Michael Mazur
Miriam Pody
Morgan McEvoy
Rebecca Breu
Ryan Gerber
Sam Mikes
Sean Sea

And of course, thank you so much to everybody in general for reading the site, engaging with it and leaving comments, and submitting stuff to do the site.  Reading your comments often makes me laugh quite a bit, and makes running the site very worth it. :)

Thanks so much to everybody again!


If you have any issues with the site or suggestions to improve it, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know!

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