gif of wartune ad saying "ravage me, my lord! become a beast!" with a slow pan up a girl with a lower back tattoo and a thong bikini up to her topless body from the back so you can't see anything naughty

Wartune wants you to steal art and become a beast

Repost (with updated commentary) of an older post that broke during the Tumblr export due to animated gifs being handled differently than regular images, and also the original image link has since been removed)

siarlot submitted:

I don’t know whether this falls under eschergirls rules, but I just thought it was the most ridiculous Wartune ad I’ve ever seen…

Apparently, like a lot of Wartune ads have since been exposed as, this was art stolen from someplace else, in this case from Scarlet Blade?  Also... that text.  Also also that... everything.

(I've been slowly going through the old posts to fix and consolidate tags and fix broken images, sometimes I can fix the images by replacing the old ones, sometimes this may necessitate reposts)