anime girl in green sweater with her breasts flopping up and down
anime girl in purple top flopping her face down onto her breasts
anime girl with boobsocks in a tight white shirt with her breasts flying around
anime girl in a tight dark t-shirt with her breasts flailing
aniime girl with a black top with underboob and her breasts flying up and down showing underboob constantly
anime girl in a purple bikini top with her breasts flying around
anime girl with gigantic boobsocks in a swimsuit with her breasts flying around
anime girl in a white officer top with her breasts flying wildly
anime girl in a maid outfit with her boobsocked breasts bouncing up and down rhythmically forever
anime girl in a labcoat and orange sweater with her breasts flailing around when she looks up

Top 10 anime boobflails

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Seeing those all at once is... intense... although some of those are extremely hypnotic...  Also my breasts hurt a lot with sympathy pains now... or maybe they just yearn for sovereignty and are agitating for separation, inspired by those images. 

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(Also if anybody can give me a full list of where each scene comes from, that would be really cool, please email me if you know)