Animated Gif of Lancer from Fate in a purple bikini, turning around and her breasts bouncing up and down

Gotta work out the boobs for combat readiness

jdsm24 submitted:

Lancer (aka Minamoto no Yorimitsu/Raiko - a legendary warrior from Japanese history, who is revealed to secretly actually be of the opposite gender, in the FATE tradition) from the anime version of the mobile game of FATE: Grand Order (which is the latest multiversal iteration of Japan’s FATE multimedia franchise). Notice how she is able to dynamically flex her cleavage despite the rest of her torso remaining relatively static.

Well, obviously that's what makes her legendary right?  Even if you think you've gotten through her guard she can beat the crap out of your face with her breasts!

(Animated gif support is LIVE! yay!)

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