Thank you to our May 2022 Patreon subscribers! (& small updates)

Hi everybody!

It's a new month so it's time for a monthly update and to thank our wonderful and very cool patrons!

First, just as a reminder  in case people are leaving Twitter, I want to remind everybody that Escher Girls has an RSS feed that you can use to keep up to date with posts without needing to follow the EG Twitter account.

Second, I'm still fixing any broken posts from the past where the pictures/gifs/videos didn't get imported when we moved the site from Tumblr, and just want to remind readers that if you are going through the archive and find any broken images or incorrectly formatted posts, please let me know at, because I want very much to know about it so I can fix them.

And finally, thank you so much to our May 2022 Patreon supporters!

Your support helps us keep the site up and independently hosted, allows us to make technical fixes and improvements to the site, and means that no matter what happens with our cross-posts to Tumblr due to Tumblr's policy changes (such as the huge list of terms being banned on the iOS app), the site will continue to exist here on! 

So without further ado a huge thank you to:

Anne Adler
Chris McKenzie
Em Bardon
First Time Trek
Greg Sepelak
Joseph Millman
Ken Snider
Ken Trosaurus
Kevin Carson
Kim Wincen
Kristoffer Illern  Holmén
Manuel Dalton
Mary Kuhner
Max Schwarz
Michael Mazur
Michael Norton
Miriam Pody
Morgan McEvoy
Pippi Groving
Rebecca Breu
Ryan Gerber
Sam Mikes
Sean I didn't run out of space you just didn't get the joke See
Thomas Key

And also a huge thank you to past subscribers and all our readers!  All of you reading Escher Girls, submitting things, commenting, and just generally interacting with the site make running it worth it. :) 

- Ami

PS: As usual, if you have any suggestions to improve the site please feel free to email me at!

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