Big update post and Thank you to all our December Patreon supporters!!!

Hi everybody!

It's a new year and a new month, so it's time for a big thank you to all our December Patreon subscribers!  I plan to make a post thanking all our subscribers from 2021 too, but I wanted to space it a little bit apart to not overwhelm people with thank you posts. Your support is really appreciated, truly, as it helps us keep the site up and independently hosted, which is more important than ever given the increasing restrictions happening on Tumblr.  For example, the recent news of the huge list of terms being banned on the iOS app, likely affects Escher Girls quite a bit due to how many tags I use with words that are on that list (also that every submission is tagged automatically by Tumblr as "submission" which is another iOS banned word).  So, it's very important to me that we be able to keep Escher Girls up as an independently hosted site so that it can be accessible to everybody even if Tumblr starts making some posts unviewable, and I'm very grateful for any and all help to do so. <3

Your support also helps us update and maintain the site, including the recent move from our previous host which was necessitated because we'd had some on-going problems with their service that they never fixed over 6 months (such as the site backups no longer working).  The site move caused some issues that some of you may have noticed during the last week of December (such as posts not going up at the regular times each day, and animated gifs not working within the post bodies), but those should all be fixed now.  I want to give a huge thanks to our web designer and maintainer Tess for all her hard work during that period to switch us over and get things working again. (Please check out her personal website at, and her Patreon if you're interested in hiring her or knowing more about her other work).

I've also spent the holidays going through old posts and fixing them on the site, specifically anything with animated gifs in them.  When we imported Escher Girls over from Tumblr to, the way animated gifs were transferred meant that all of them were saved as still images instead of animated ones.  Unfortunately, with the way we have the site layout, animated images and still ones are handled in different post types, and so, I've had to manually go through each post and insert the old animated gif.  This also means having to track down the original gif from the old posts or from backups.  Luckily, I've been able to fix almost every post (I still have another page to do, but I expect to have it all done soon), and the larger file size limits of the current site means that I've actually been able to embed a couple gifs that I wasn't allowed to on Tumblr.  Specifically in this post.  If anybody is curious to go back through the animated gif tag, the first page is now entirely done.

Other things I'm working on include my on-going quest to fix broken images, links, and misspelled tags, my gradual working through the inbox backlog, and the Illustrated Glossary which is what I really hope to be able to start putting up soon but has been delayed due to our artist Nicky's tablet breaking, but we're currently working on fixing that.

ANYWAY without further ado, I want to give a huge thanks to our December 2021 Patreon supporters:

Chris McKenzie
Em Bardon
First Time Trek
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Manuel Dalton
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Michael Mazur
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Rebecca Breu
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Sam Mikes
Thomas Key

Thank you all so much for your support.  And thank you to everybody in general for reading Escher Girls, you all make running the site for 10 years worth it. :3

Happy 2022 everybody, I know it's been a hard year for everybody and probably not a great ending for most too due to Omicron, but I'm hoping 2022 brings great things for each and every one of you!

- Ami

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