Thank you so much to our May Patreon subscribers! (and an answer to an inbox ask!)

Hi everybody!

It's a new month, so I want to give a huge thank you to our May Patreon subscribers for all of your amazing support!  Your support is really important to Escher Girls and means a lot to us as it helps us continue posting, work through the inbox backlog, and improve the site!  Being able to host Escher Girls separately from Tumblr allows me to not have to worry about site content being affected by changes in Tumblr's policies, and the dedicated site has accessibility features that Tumblr doesn't have.

I'm also still working on the glossary, it's just been set-back a little because of a change in the artist that was going to do it.

On that note, just as an answer to the person who asked in my inbox, the "stuck in quicksand" tag refers to when a character is fighting or doing something but she's doing it backwards with her butt to the camera and being forced to turn around as if her feet are stuck in quicksand.

Also to Tumblr readers who haven't checked out the dedicated Escher Girls site yet, I encourage you to because that's where site fixes and updates are happening on, for example, a lot of the misspelled and extraneous tags are fixed and/or removed so it should make for easier tag browsing and more importantly we have integrated image captions for disability access. 

So without further ado thank you SO MUCH to:

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As usual, if you have any suggestions to improve the site please feel free to email me at!

Also if you have any suggestions for future Patreon rewards, I would be very happy to hear them!  Right now I just have a thank you because I don't know what else to have, but I am very open to suggestions!

If you haven't checked it out yet, try the new submission form on!  It's an alternative to submit posts without directly emailing us or using Tumblr.

Thank you again to all of our amazing Patrons and readers <3  You're why this site continues to exist going into our 10th(!!!) year!


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