Happy 2021! Thank you to our amazing December Patrons!

Happy New Year!!! It's a new month (and a New Year), so we want to thank all our December Patreon subscribers for all your support!  Your amazing and much appreciated support means so much to Escher Girls and helps us continue producing content, work through the inbox backlog, and improve the site!

So thank you so much to:

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To all of you and to everybody else who enjoys this blog, I hope you all had a great holiday season and 2021 is wonderful to all of you <3

Also, a reminder to everybody that the new web submission form coded by Socketwench is now live on EscherGirls.com so if you don't want to submit using email or Tumblr, you can use the web form!

And, if you have any suggestions to improve the site please feel free to email me at eschergirls@gmail.com!

Thank you again to all of our amazing Patrons and readers <3