Thank you to all our August Patrons!

As subscribers to Escher Girls' Patreon said they'd be okay being named and thanked, at the beginning of every month we'll be making a post thanking all of our previous month's Patrons for all their support.  Your support is super important and appreciated because it allows us to continue running the site, paying for the domain and hosting, and allows us to continue to patch and make upgrades to the site. <3

So without further adieu, thank you so so so much to all of our August Patrons:

Anne Adler
Chris McKenzie
Christopher LeBlanc
Colin Fredericks
Ealasaid Haas
Em Bardon
First Time Trek
Greg Sepelak
Ian Cameron
Jane Bailey
Joseph Millman
Ken McLarnan
Kevin Carson
Kim Wincen
Maja Pelve
Manuel Dalton
Mary Kuhner
Max Schwarz
Michael Mazur
Michael Norton
Miriam Pody
Morgan McEvoy
Morgan Pyre
Pippi Groving
Rebecca Breu
Ryan Gerber
Sam Mikes
Thomas Key

Your support is incredibly appreciated and is why we can continue to run for our 9th straight year (I can't believe we're coming up on our 9th anniversary in a week!)

As a bonus, Patrons will get early access to the new submission form before it goes live (one of the upgrades I mentioned earlier that's been long coming), so people can submit to Escher Girls without using email or the Tumblr submission form.

Thank you again to all of our Patrons and readers,