Escher Girls says Black Lives Matter

In solidarity with the anti-police-violence protests going on in America right now sparked by the murder of George Floyd, Escher Girls is pausing our posting for today to uplift support for the protests as part of #BlackOutTuesday.  Regular content posting will resume tomorrow.

We stand against police brutality and racism against black people and stand in solidarity with Floyd's family and the protesters.  

Below are some links for those who want to donate and support the protesters and the important work of Black Lives Matter.  As well, we are including links for related initiatives to oppose police violence and help black people in America.

Black Lives Matters home page:

Donate to BLM:

Comprehensive city and state list of bail funds for protestors:

The National Police Accountability Project:

Campaign Zero, a campaign of policy solutions to end police militarization and violence:

Google document of projects and funds supporting black queer/LGBTQ+ people in America:

Transgender Gender-variant and Intersex Justice Project:

If you know other organizations you think would be valuable for us to share, please email or message us on Tumblr with them

co-signed: Ami Angelwings (Creator of Escher Girls and siterunner), Nicky Trashfox (site artist), Socketwench (site coder)