naru-kittypants: I’m a big fan of this

naru-kittypants submitted:

I’m a big fan of this blog and I had some free time while I was cooking dinner so I decided to redline this image

Because the original gave me nightmares *shudder*

I decided that because Artemis was slamming the door open then it should be a more dynamic pose rather than her standing there contorting herself in the doorway screaming (who could blame her?). So I established that she opened the door by having her hand on it, the only way I could do this however would be by using *gasp*  perspective, the artist’s worst nightmare D: and I put the rest of her body in a position that you could guess that she was bursting through the door ready to attack by making her body language ‘angry’ her fist is balled and she looks like she pushed the door open with the rest of her body, and while I was at it I gave her some organs, too!

That definitely looks like she’s angry and bursting in.  Also, she’s not going to trip over her hair this time!