Wonder Woman Redraw Redrawn

Wonder Woman Redraw Redrawn

becausegoodheroesdeservekidneys submitted:

Hello! Reading the anonymous Ask here the other day about correct anatomy vs dynamism - and particularly your brilliant response - really got me thinking about a redraw I did of Mike Deodato Jr’s Wonder Woman a while back. Thusly:

… and it looks hella flat and rubbish. Except now I look at the original I see your point. That is not a dynamic pose in the first place. She’s not actually moving or anything; she’s just got a centaur back, giraffe legs and weird almost-ballerina feet. I think her left arm is the only dynamic part of the image.

So, having done the standard redraw, I thought I’d try redrawing it by making that pose into an anatomically correct dynamic one. Thusly:

To get the leg positioning - one up, one down - I decided she was jumping. See her jump. I don’t read Wonder Woman so I don’t know her jumping skills, but I have read Wonderella, so it seemed appropriate to me anyway. As her right leg is her take-off leg you can get one legitimate toe-point in there, but the other foot I left fairly normal because physics. She’s got the waist swivel from drawing her left arm back to throw that lasso; hilariously enough when I changed the angle to make her look higher it actually produced a legitimate boobs-and-butt pose. Bollocksed up her right arm, though, from shoulder to fist. Don’t look too closely.

Also I gave her more Mediterranean colouring than the original and went with 1940s lingerie shorts instead of a thong.

This is exactly it.  The reason a lot of the redraws that people submit end up looking less dynamic is because the original pose wasn’t interesting, it was just a person standing, or posing and having various parts of their anatomy bent, but what’s actually happening is quite sedate.

What you did originally already looks better in the context of Wonder Woman standing there looking tough, but your changed pose is awesome!  I think one hip looks a little odd, but I really like the pose you put her in and how she looks like she’s doing something rather than just standing there. :)  Very nice. :)