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I’d actually been looking around Adam Warren’s dA gallery the other day - there’s a lot that I like about his style, including that most of his women look like they have organs, and he doesn’t tend to draw that scary hollow under the ribs. Then I found this…

This is for SSX3, and he got told off about the amount of cheesecake when the game’s meant to be rated E. So he made a different version…

That’s right. This one’s meant to be less cheesecake. And while it looks like at least her body’s in one piece, there’s still some stupidly gratuitous swivelling going on there.

Wow yeah.  The first one is gratuitous, but the second one isn’t much better. 
And what’s the material of her jacket?  It’s extremely clingy.  Isn’t she cold?  When my clothes don’t cover up my midriff in the winter I’m FREEZING even if I’m wearing a coat, pants and boots.