page from Teen Titals vol. 3 #66 showing Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl) and Supergirl hugging each other, their heads are kind of disconnected and their bodies look weird, Cassie's torso is pushed away from Supergirl as her butt and hips are thrust backwards so she looks liek a centaur, Supergirl is in a similar pose, like they're both afraid to touch their hips together

The Dangers of Hugging Your Kryptonian Gal Pal

fancyfade submitted:

"Reading Teen Titans (2003) #66... I read a ton of comics and am not normally fazed by bad comic art but the weird proportions on Cassie really threw me off here..."

I think Kara hugged Cassie too hard and squeezed her into two. D:

Also, the pose is very "it's not gay if the hips don't touch". xD

(Panel from Teen Titans vol. 3 #66, DC Comics)