ad for "Lyssa Goddess of Love" that says "Battle to the Top" that shows 3 AI generated style illustrated Asian girls in schoolgirl uniforms, the one in the middle has her uniform cut off to show her stomach, there is a short pink haired girl with a child's body and adult hands holding a piece of cloth standing in front of them

More Terrible AI Ads From LYSSA: Goddess of Whatever

milkawa-and-co submitted:

"Another one from LYSSA Goddess of Love, with the usual AI generated pictures of teenagers with bigger boobs than head. I submit this here because I don't understand anything about the 3rd girl : is she a hobbit, a child, bended over?"

More terrifying to me is the middle girl with her weird arms and her left arm (right from our POV) that is both bent at the elbow and also still going straight down behind the pink-haired child.  Also the weird half-circle on her right breast?  Also I guess the school is generous enough to provide crop top uniforms for their more badass students.  Or maybe they were just scared of the clones.

I think the problem with AI art (among the many other problems) is that there's no thought process behind it, unless the prompt specifically asked them to make one girl really tiny.  So there's nothing to really try to wonder what they were thinking because the AI was just like "random tiny girl!"  

Or maybe the prompt was "make one girl look like Cyblade when she was a child."

Anyway our AI generated ad future sucks. -_-

(Ad for Lyssa Goddess of Love/Rage, Panoramik Games)