ad for Nikke: Goddess of Victory School of Lock event showing 3 anime style girls in school girl uniforms and one child holding a penguin plush, the girl in the middle has her uniform cut off right above her stomach, there's a bunch of girls with Xs over their faces behind, this is the picture that was plagiarized by AI for Lyssa: Goddess of Rage's ad
ad for "Lyssa Goddess of Love" that says "Battle to the Top" that shows 3 AI generated style illustrated Asian girls in schoolgirl uniforms, the one in the middle has her uniform cut off to show her stomach, there is a short pink haired girl with a child's body and adult hands holding a piece of cloth standing in front of them

Follow up to weird Lyssa: Goddess of Rage AI ad

From Tumblr, getintheboxsteven had a follow up to the Lyssa: Goddess of Rage AI ad just posted earlier today that explains why it looks like that, and the reason is... not surprisingly, AI plagiarism.


they directly ripped off a Goddess of Victory: NIKKE event splash art from the School of Lock event. Here's the original;

The middle woman (Marciana) is the teacher of the class, the side girls are teens, and the smallest girl (Rei) is actually a little girl. The weird object the fake art Rei is holding is to replace the penguin-themed robot she's holding in the original.

I think it's particularly funny the "X"s in the background got yassified from a stylized painted X to some very uniform angular Xs."

That's really interesting and also just makes the entire thing funnier and more gross.  Terrible AI art and plagiarism. -_-

(Ads from Lyssa: Goddess of Rage, Panoramik Games & Goddess of Victory: Nikke, Shift Up Corp.)