ad for "Angel Legion: Beyond Fantasy" that says "Sophisticated Tactics" at the bottom, a screen of girls in mecha cyborg gear fighting is in the background and in the foreground is an illustrated pale skinned girl with long blue hair in a skin-tight sheer white dress that hugs her breasts, her body snakes down and turns to the side 90 degrees to show her butt and legs, so she's showing her butt and legs while lying down with her breasts and torso 90 degrees vertical but her butt horizontal

July Caption Contest: Sophisticated Tactics?

So I saw this ad and I can't get over "Sophisticated Tactics" next to her butt, so of course this needs to be a caption contest!

You can caption it whatever you want, but I'll give special focus to captions that deal with what kind of "sophisticated tactics" you think are being employed here.  Be creative!  Be funny!

You can submit your captions here using Disqus, on Tumblr using reblog or reply, or by email at  

Best/funniest captions win!  As usual, winners will get a choice of prizes if they want, but you don't have to choose a prize if you don't want to, you can just participate for fun!

Good luck everybody!  I'll pick the winners in 2 weeks.

(Ad for Angel Legion, Silver Star Studio/More Well Studio/Shanghai Silvermoon Network)