title image for July 2024 updates with the text "July 2024 Updates" in red with black outline, the background images are Wonder Woman and Artemis fighting with Wonder Woman's leg looking like a tree, 2 images of Kallen from Code Geass in a harem outfit in a pretzel pose with her spine bent, one is a redline, Artemis jumping with her hip cocked, Artemis dying in Diana's arms without nipples or detail on her crotch shown, Diana in a boobs & butt pose, Artemis & Diana jumping with their legs looking like trees

July 2024 Site Update and Patron Thank You Post

Hi everybody!  

It's July so it's time to thank our amazing June Patreon supporters and to give a site update!

First, we are updating the site layout to be more user friendly.  For web, the layout should be a grid system now showing the images tiled instead of the images on top of each other with a sentence of text next to it.  The reason is because the preview text usually showed very little (for submissions it would just say "X submitted" which isn't a useful summary) and left a lot of empty space.  We're also adding a tag cloud to popular categories (handpicked by me) so people can find material easier.  Posts will also have a "featured" tag category, this doesn't change anything about how tags work, the featured tag is just like a focus tag that will link to the tag I think best describes the post so people can find other posts like it.  I hope the changes make the site easier to use for people.  If you have any suggestions or complaints about the site please feel free to let me know at eschergirls@gmail.com.

And, as usual I'm fixing up the archives, replacing broken images, sourcing images from the early days of the blog, finding better resolutions of images, and fixing up the HTML so posts aren't broken or have weird titles.  Given that the blog has over 8000 posts, this is obviously a long-term on-going project but I try to do a little at a time.  This month, I've restored 2 Code Geass Kallen posts (as well as consolidated the Code Geass tag so Kallen and C.C. are in the same tag), one of which is Kallen as a pretzel dancer, and the other is a redline of her as a pretzel dancer, people will probably get a kick out of those so I recommend you check them out!

I've also fixed up a bunch of very old Artemis and Wonder Woman posts:

I'm still working through the Tumblr backlog, so if I haven't gotten to your submission, I greatly apologize.

And again, reminder, for those who want to follow us without using Tumblr, we have an RSS feed. (For newbies, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is basically a feed you can read using an RSS reader. Simply copy and paste https://eschergirls.com/rss.xml into an RSS reader and it will keep you up to date on Escher Girls!)

And now I want to thank all the people who supported us this month on Patreon.  Your support is really appreciated and helps me keep the site independently run and make site upgrades and improvements.  Your support helps to pay for domain costs, hosting, and just general site maintenance. :)

So here is a huge sincere thank you to all of the June Patreon supporters!

Thank you so so much to:

Anne Adler
Cat Mara
Chris McKenzie
Em Bardon
First Time Trek
Greg Sepelak
Ian Cameron
Ken Trosaurus
Kevin Carson
Kim Wincen
Manuel Dalton
Mary Kuhner
Max Schwarz
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Morgan McEvoy
Rebecca Breu
Ryan Gerber
Sam Mikes
Sean Sea

And also thank you so much to everybody for just generally interacting with the site, commenting, reblogging, and participating in caption contests! You all are awesome and make running the site really enjoyable. :)

Thank you again,


If you have any issues with the site or suggestions to improve it, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know!

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