cover of "Hellwitch Gallery #1" Premiere edition showing Hellwitch (busty orange skinned brunette demon lady with horns and wings and only eye whites in her eyes) she is naked except with little metal caps covering her nipples, her breasts are round and defy gravity like breast implants, she's putting one hand over her chest, she's also in a metal bikini and skull greaves on her legs, she is sitting on the floor propping her torso up with her arm, one leg lies below her and one is propped up disconnected

In Hell Nobody Can Hear The Hum of Anti-Gravity Skull Pasties

In hell, we have to stare at her body until we go mad from trying to understand it.

I also assume the skull pasties have hell-patented anti-gravity technology integrated into them.  

(Cover of Hellwitch: Gallery #1 Premiere Edition, Coffin Comics, submitted by anonymous)