screenshot of High Speed Etoile episode 4 showing 2 racers (3d anime models) standing in front of their cars, one is Ben Emmerich who is a dark skinned man wearing a grey and purple racing suit, the other on the left is Sophia B. Tokitou who is a blonde white woman in a grey racing suit that hugs her breasts and has a boob window cutout at the bottom of her breasts to show her under-cleavage

Underboob Windows Make You Go Faster, Actually

Me and my BFF were watching Highspeed Etoile (which is a racing anime and also not very good) and she was like "what is Sophia wearing" and I'm like yeah what is that... it's like an underboob window racing suit.  It almost looks like she has a hole cut out of her suit and then she put like napkins on top of her breasts.   

(Screenshot from Highspeed Etoile episode 5, Studio A-Cat)