crop of Threshold: Allure #0 from Boundless Comics showing a blonde woman with her mouth in a grimace holding a sword while standing with her legs spread showing her crotch barely covered by a strip of leather attached to a belt, she also is wearing a croptop with boobsocks, the cover is cropped to focus on her

June 2024 Caption Contest!

It's June so let's have a caption contest!  For this context, I've had this image on the backburner for a while as a great caption contest idea from the Threshold Allure #0 cover.

There's many possibilities for captions, some more obvious than others probably. xD

I'll let you decide what are the obvious captions.

Anyway, so caption this!  What's she doing? Saying? What's happening?  Be creative!  Be funny!

I'll choose the winners in 2 weeks.  As usual, winners can choose a prize (from a list of spare Steam codes I have) if they want, but you also don't have to play for a prize! You can just play for fun or for bragging rights or whatever :3

Good luck everybody, and have fun!