cover of Street Fighter Masters: Chun-Li #1 showing Chun Li fighting a girl with blonde hair in a black catsuit, Chun Li is throwing a split kick over her head, the other woman is in a strong boobs and butt pose with her butt and legs coming ot of her left hip facing us and in no way connected to the rest of her body

TFW You're Kicked So Hard Your Body Disassociates

Chun-Li's so powerful her kick is making Falke's butt detach or her torso turn into taffy.  Or both.

Falke's belt is adding to the weirdness because otherwise it looks like it's her torso twisting to do the boobs and butt pose, but her belt makes it look like it's her butt and legs that are coming off.  She's a true Escher Girl.

(Cover of Street Fighter Masters #1: Chun Li, Udon Comics)