still screenshot from Hero Wars ad showing a blonde woman in a blue bra and blue leggings with her legs spread and a human mold between her legs spread open so the two halves of the mold are open and a hole underneath, the mold is man shaped and men are running towards it, to get between the hole in her legs (the men are tiny, she's gigantic), the full video has them running in, her closing the mold on them and then vomiting into the top of it, opening her legs again with skeletons falling into the hole

WTF is Hero Wars

quirkyrahne28 submitted:

"More Hero Wars being gross and weird."

What in the f- is happening.  The full video is even weirder because I guess the dudes really want to get into her... cast mold?  And then she vomits on them and they die and fall into the hole... and uh... a billion psychiatrists at a billion couches could not figure this one out...

It oddly reminds me of that other mobile game ad on this blog with the woman shaped hole in the ground and a doge between her legs. -_o

Mobile Game ads: inventing new and disturbing takes on the vagina dentata since 20XX.

(Ad for Hero Wars, Nexters Global)

The full video ad is here if anybody wants to watch it (description of the video is in the image alt text).  Content Warning for vomiting.