panel from X-Men Phoenix: Legacy of Fire from Marvel Comics/Marvel Max showing a brunette white woman in a black bra grabbing onto a red haired woman in a red bustier with a red jacket and thong, the brunette is holding her like a guitar as she flies past her, and the brunette's legs are pointed in at the knees like she's rocking on a guitar
2 panels from X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy of Fire #2 showing a guy with a skull head and black inky body throwing a girl with red hair, her hair is facing us and her breasts are sticking out under it but she has no face, her legs aand bikini clad crotch are under her breasts, 2nd panel has a brunette wearing a black bikini top grabbing her as she flies past, holding her like a guitar

May 2024 Caption Contest: Sexy Air Guitar?

So it's May and it's time for another monthly caption contest!

I saw this panel (the one where Madelyne is playing air guitar with her sister) while looking through X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy of Fire and I knew it was perfect for a caption contest.

(The entire sequence is actually kind of funny including her being tossed with her boobs just under her hair like that).

So, let's caption it!  What's happening?  What are they doing?  What's she saying?

You can fill in the blank dialogue bubbles if you want, or you can just do a caption without dialogue!  Caption it however you want.

Submit your captions using Disqus here, by email at or on Tumblr using reblog or reply!

I'll pick the funniest/most creative captions as winners in two weeks!

As usual, winners can get a choice of prizes if they want, but you don't need to accept a prize to play if you just want to participate for fun!

Good luck everybody!

(Panel from X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy of Fire #2, Marvel Comics/Max)