splash art from banzai girls #4 showing the main character (asian girl in a school girl outfit with orange pigtails) being yanked in two directions, one by a version of herself clothed in yellow and orange who has her butt at 90 degrees to her spine, and another by one in blue with blue skin in a purple dress
textless cover of Banzai Girls #4 showing 2 women pulling the main girl (orange haired asian girl in a schoolgirl outfit) from either side, one of them is in a boobs and butt pose showing her seemingly bare butt

Banzai Girl Redux

This appears to be an alternate version of a cover that was on this blog a long long long time ago (I've included it for comparison as the second image).  The orange girl is no longer in a boobs and butt pose but I think her pose actually looks even more painful?  OW.

(Promotional cover of Banzai Girls #4, Sirius Entertainment, submitted by anonymous)