cover of 10th Muse/Demonslayer #1/2 from Avatar Press showing Demonslayer (blonde/brunette white woman in a red backless swimsuit type top with the bottom riding into her buttcrack) bent over on all fours showing her butt to the audience and looking over her shoulder, behind her is 10th Muse (blonde white woman in a two piece blue and purple bodysuit) arching her back to push out her butt and standing facing away from the audience while looking over her shoulder

Announcing... the May Caption Contest winners!

So 2 weeks have passed and it's time to announce the winners of the caption contest!  There weren't a lot of submissions this time around (one commenter suggested it was because the picture was so bizarre people were just stumped gawking at it, which is fair tbh), but there were still some good ones and I had fun reading what you came up with!  Tumblr might also be messing with my blog visibility due to the recent spate of posts being reported for adult content. -_o  I'm still trying to work that out.

Anyway, without further ado here are the caption submissions!

Marcos Correia: Those fingers!!! What are they doing? Is she related with Wanda Maximoff?

mabelsguidetolife: the one on the left is presenting like a mandrill, jesus

zombiemollusk: they can't smell your fear if they smell your ass instead

turbomun: “You have it set to ‘M’ for Massive Ass. You need to set it to ‘W’ for Wedgie!”

sarielgrace: "Ah yes, I call this outfit 'The Chinese Finger Trap'. Don't mind my colleague, she's wearing a Chic adventurer outfit. Man, we have great fashion choices!"

twogems: How come she got the anti wedgy shorts

chaoscheebs: The girl with the braid decided, after her horseback ride on the other girl, that this was weird but also kind of fun?  She totally has to get that girl's number.

diva-aryon: pov you are Waylon Smithers

madalpaca: "I think they put your emblem on the wrong end."

Third place goes to: zombiemollusk

Second place goes to: diva-aryon

And the winner of the caption contest is: chaoscheebs for making it gay and cute!

As usual, the prizes are Steam codes I've picked up here and there.  You don't need to choose a prize if you don't want to, you can just have participated for fun.  The prizes are just extras that I want to give out in case people would like something. :)

If you won and would like a prize, please message me with which prize you would like.  If you came in 2nd, message me with 2 choices in order of preference, and if you came in 3rd, message me with 3 choices.  I'll give you your top choice that hadn't been taken by the other winners.

Overgrowth, Syberia, Riot: Civil Unrest, Castle Crashers, Hotel Giant 2, Not The Robots, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD, Rage in Peace, Uncertain: The Last Quiet Day, Uncertain: Light At The End and Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos.

Thank you everybody so much for participating and for being so creative!

Please stay tuned in the future for another contest!