ad for Valiant Force 2 showing a blonde anime girl with a red bandana in a red vest and jean short shorts standing in profile with her legs spread apart, she is leaning forward but her chest is standing verticle at 90 degrees to the bend in her back and she's also in a boobs and butt pose

Tetris and Centaur Women, a winning combination

differenttriumphdragon submitted:

Here's a screencap I took from mobile game Valiant Force 2. I've seen many pictures of women on this blog described as Tetris blocks, but I think this is the first time I've seen a spine actually bent at a right angle! (Granted, I am a somewhat recent follow).

The centaur/Tetris pose is surprisingly common on this blog (there was one just yesterday), but because this one happens right under her breasts it really does make her look more like a centaur than usual b/c you can just imagine the other pair of legs coming out of her torso.  (surgeon general's warning: please don't, it's kinda horrifying)

(Ad for Valiant Force 2, XII Braves)