cover of 10th Muse/Demonslayer #1/2 from Avatar Press showing Demonslayer (blonde/brunette white woman in a red backless swimsuit type top with the bottom riding into her buttcrack) bent over on all fours showing her butt to the audience and looking over her shoulder, behind her is 10th Muse (blonde white woman in a two piece blue and purple bodysuit) arching her back to push out her butt and standing facing away from the audience while looking over her shoulder

May Caption Contest: what is happening here?

I saw this cover and it was so weird that I just had to save it for a caption contest, so here we go!

Caption this with anything you want! What are they doing/saying/thinking/etc?

The contest will run for 2 weeks as usual. You can submit your captions in the comments below, on Tumblr, or by email!

Good luck everybody!

(Cover of 10th Muse/Demonslayer #1/2, Avatar Press)