cover of Godannar DVD showing 3 anime girls on the cover, on the top left is a red head with glasses and an open cut top showing her chest, her butt is dislocated completely and coming out of the side of her torso, next to her is a purple haired girl in a bodysuit, beneath them is a brunette in a pink and white skintight outfit with very big boobsocks
crop of godannar dvd cover with focus on the girl in pink and white with the boobsocks (that show her nipples) hanging below her head, behind her (covered a bit by the Godannar title font) is her butt with the other women's hands resting on top of it, her butt and torso are coming out from behind her head like a snake

Goddammit Godannar, you're even worse than we thought!

(In response to this earlier post)

kintatsujo said:

It's actually worse because if you look above the logo you'll see that the bit of flesh tone pressed between the two girls up top means that bottom girl is laying on her stomach in an improbably snaky way

Because that's her butt they've both got their hands resting on

Oh god, you're so right, that's terrifying.

There is so much going on with each girl that it's hard to notice everything. Just a big jumble of body parts. D:

(Cover of Godannar DVD, Sentai Filmworks)