cover of Godannar DVD showing 3 anime girls on the cover, on the top left is a red head with glasses and an open cut top showing her chest, her butt is dislocated completely and coming out of the side of her torso, next to her is a purple haired girl in a bodysuit, beneath them is a brunette in a pink and white skintight outfit with very big boobsocks

I am terrified

Submitted by mercurygold:

I believe this show (Godannar) has been on the blog before, but I have never seen this DVD. What I understand about the show is that it is about a husband and wife who pilot giant robots that have to have robot sex to unleash their power or something. (No, really. Correct me if I misunderstood something.) I am 99% sure the first season came out in 2003. I found this DVD on and had to show off the girl on the lefts horrifying snake body. Look closely and you will see. I believe the main middle girls name is Anna Aoi, purple hair is Lou Roux and Kiriko Aoi may be the scary redhead.

At first I was just like "oh the girl at the front has some serious vacuum-sealed boobsocks, is that why this was submitted" but then I read your comment and looked more carefully at the girl on the left and OH NO.  I am terrified.  I think she was snapped in half. D:

(Cover of Godannar DVD, Sentai Filmworks)