2 panel page from Cyberforce Origins #1, top narration box reads "The small European Country of Chalenne, roughly Twenty Years Ago..." accompanying a panel of a man with a moustache at a poker table with his winnings surrounded by women doting over him, the bottom panel has the man holding his daughter (child Cyblade) saying "How's Daddy's Best Girl? Having a delightful birthday, I hope?", Cyblade has a crown on her head and an adult face with lips and eyeliner saying "oh yes, daddy!"
zoom in on Cyblade from Cyberforce Origins #1 showing her saying "Oh, yes daddy!" with a crown on her head, she has a child's body and an adult face complete with sexy lips and eyes
zoom in on bottom panel of Cyberforce Origins #1 page showing Cyblade's younger brother who has blonde hair and looks like a very small man with an adult face saying "Hmp."
panel from Cyberforce Origins #1 showing child Cyblade at school with other girls, they're all in private school blazers, ties, and pleated skirts, they all have the faces of adult women and the bodies of children, Cyblade says "and that party was NOTHING compared to the parties daddy began throwing for me after I went away to school! He just misses me so terribly, you see! I can't wait to see what he has planned for me this year!"
zoom in on panel from Cyberforce Origins #1 showing Cyblade in bed being woken up, her face is an adult face even tho she's a child

What is a child? A miserable pile of adult faces

Follow up to the previous post on child Cyblade's adult face, here's some more panels from the same story.  Somebody on the other post asked how old she's supposed to be and the comic never says, but her brother is about the same age as her and he died when he was 7 and is still alive for all these parts, so I guess she's anywhere from 6-10?

Her brother also looks like just a small adult.  And her friends all have the same types of faces as the women in the panel with her dad. I don't know if this says more about how girls are drawn or how adult women are.  I have so many questions.

Also, I think tiny kid Cyblade with the full sexy adult face and makeup is my new sleep paralysis demon.

(Panels from Cyberforce: Origins #1, Image Comics)