redraw of Tomb Raider panels depicting a black haired woman whipping Lara who is tied up and another one of Lara Croft in a black two piece swimsuit ready to jump into the water, Lara's body has been changed so her legs aren't twice as long as the rest of her body and she is slightly thicker and more muscular, and the woman attacking her doesn't have butt cleavage
panel from tomb raider the series #36 showing a woman in a black dominatrix outfit with the back open with fishnet holding a whip and threatening lara who is in a black bikini and tied up, the woman looks weird and rubbery
panel from tomb raider the series #36 of Lara in a black bikini about to take a swim, her back is curved almost 90 degrees and her legs are almost twice the length of her body

Worm Raider redraw

doodlebani submitted:

So, I’m by no means the world’s foremost authority on correct anatomy, but I do try to make my figures at least look appealing. Seeing a woman all stretched out like a piece of gum is just not very nice to look at in my opinion.

Besides squashing these ladies down into more manageable shapes, I also did some little tweaks like giving Lady Jasmine (yes, that is the character’s name…) a less unfortunate skin tone and having her actually LOOK at the person she’s supposed to be talking to. Her pose is still pretty weird, but there’s only so much ya can do with what you’re given. It’s just not the best panel composition, and if I had been drawing the book I might have split it into 2 or 3 panels.

As for Lara, I tried to make her look more like she does in the games? Idk to me she’s got such a distinctive look and I feel like the way she’s being drawn here is fairly generic. Most FUCKING importantly, since Lara is speaking in these panels, I drew her with her DAMN mouth open. I find speech bubbles terminating on closed mouths to just be the most annoying thing ever, not to mention it makes the face less expressive.

Anyway, that’s my bit.

Lady Jasmine (that's certainly a name for an Asian character) not having vacuum-sealed butt cleavage and Lara looking more like herself and not one of those worm aliens from Men in Black definitely are an improvement.  And you're right that Lara has a distinctive look and should at least not be drawn as another generic hot comic girl.  Thanks for the submission!

(Redraw of this post of panels from Tomb Raider: The Series #36, Top Cow Productions)