art for Rage of Bahamut showing a blonde anime style girl doing a boobs and butt pose showing her stockinged butt under her blue skirt, her breasts are showing underboob and flying into the air

Impressive dedication to fanservice

highlighterskyline submitted:

Just... astounding anatomical concessions. Also, five years old, so there's a non-zero chance it's been seen here before.

Shockingly, it hasn't, although a few other things from Rage of Bahamut have shown up on this blog.  I like how she's both disconnecting her bottom to show boobs and butt and also making sure to show underboob .  Very impressive dedication to the fanservice.

It also took me a second to realize that her top is just similarly coloured to her skin and it's not that she just has bare breasts that are nippleless.

(Art from Rage of Bahamut, CyGames)