Sid Story card art of Agatha Christie depicting her as a cute anime girl with brown hair in a loose white men's button up shirt wearing no pants and sitting on a pile of books while writing in a notebook
Sid Story Card of Josef Stalin as a cute anime girl with blonde hair wearing a pink cap and pink military top with light blue/green pleated skirt and grey stockings

More WTF Sid Story waifuizations

As a follow up to my previous Sid Story post (the one with sexy Einstein and Bismarck), two reblogs (by hayley566 and digital-magus) about further bizarre cards from the game pointed out two more WTF incidences of waifu-ization.  One is cute schoolgirl moe Stalin???  And the other is pantsless AGATHA CHRISTIE!???  The real mystery she was always trying to solve I guess was who stole her pants.  So uh... yeah... these are things that exist I guess...

(Card art from Sid Story, Singta Inc.)