promo still from Dolphin Wave video showing a tan anime girl with purple hair in a black wetsuit suit in a boobs and butt pose with a pale skinned blonde anime girl also in a black wetsuit in a slight boobs and butt pose
dolphin wave ad screenshot of a red haired anime girl leaning back with her arms on a jet skit like she's doing reverse cowgirl

TFW the ad tells you nothing about the game

A boobs and butt still and one of a girl... enjoying being on her jetski a lot...  from this video ad for a game called "Dolphin Wave".  Besides the gratuitous boobs and butting, I love that you can't tell at all what is being advertised.  I think I'll let my friend Michaela Joffe's reaction when I showed her the video say everything:

wait, what genre is it though? visual novel? racing?


I have a feeling the actual mechanics of the game aren't supposed to be important here though...

(Ad for Dolphin Wave, Honey Parade Games)