promo for "Wild Childz" dolls with the tagline "We're Animalz with Human Instinctz" and 3 anthropomorphic animal girls: a panda with long blonde hair, a tiger with long black and orange hair, a zebra with long white hair, and a cheetah with long blonde and black hair, the panda is in a boobs and butt pose thrusting her butt back and turning her chest to face the audience, the zebra girl is sticking her butt out and her back is bent 90 degrees
screenshot of wild childz website that has the various Wild Childz anthro animal girls with a panda with blonde hair, a leopard with black hair, a cheetah with brown hair, and a zebra girl with black around her nose and mouth with bright red lips, there is also a male wild cat character who does not have the noodle body that the women have

Wild Boobz and Buttz

Brightness @ 1/6 Scale submitted:

Promo Artwork for "Wild Childz" Doll Line

"Wild Childz" is a pretty hotly anticipated independent doll line - they have been in production since ~2015 with progress/prototype pics popping up a bit more frequently over the last couple months. This bit of promotional artwork has been floating around for a while now, but it's only today that I took a closer look at it and realized just how awkward and anatomically unlikely the posing for the Panda and Zebra girls looks. Legs just don't bend that way!

While the posing of the Cheetah is...ok, the Tiger also loses points in my book for thrusting her chest out while also managing to somehow swivel both her waist and neck.

Everything from the designs to the colour scheme (which kind of hurts my eyes) to the use of "z" to pluralize words feels like it came out of a time warp from 20 years ago (for e.g. the recent Monster High reboot even moved away from those body shapes), which is probably the nostalgia that it's going for.  Hence the women-only noodle bodies and boobs and butt poses, though they are animal hybrids(?) so anything's possible I guess.

On a side note, as a friend pointed out while discussing this, the Zebra's face/lips colour design feels like it's potentially skirting the edge of controversy, and a friend mentioned she thinks the panda's skin does too, even though obviously they're anthropomorphizations.

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