ad for League of Pantheons that says "Welcome to League of Pantheons" with 2 anime girls in the foreground, one in a white dress with white hair standing up and arching her back forward, the other a girl with light blue hair and horns in a black backless dress standing in a side boob and butts pose with her back arched 90 degrees, and in the background is a blonde girl in a blue dress standing up with her back swayed backwards 90 degrees

The greatest video game title ever made

Besides that every girl is bent backwards even standing up like a reed being blown in the wind, that title is a work of art.  That is the greatest most redundant game title ever created, no more games can be named because it's been perfected.

...and I just discovered after looking at the publisher that they also made Eternal Sword, the game with the hardest to parse logo in history.  So you know what, that tracks.

(Ad for League of Patheons, Neocraft Ltd.)