cover of Danger Girl 3-D special by Cliffhanger comics showing a brunette woman in a black lowcut catsuit standing in the foreground with her waist the width of her neck, behind her on the right stands a blonde woman pointing a knife at the audience viewpoint, and to the left is a blonde woman in a white tight t-shirt and green pants bent over pointing a gun at the ground so we can see both her boobsocked breasts and her butt

TFW you're interrupted trying to shoot an ant

Um... what's the blonde danger girl in the green pants doing?  She's... bent over trying to shoot an ant maybe?  It's definitely a creative boobs and butt pose.

Maybe the 3-D nature of this comic is confusing her because she's used to 2 dimensions.

(Cover of Danger Girl 3-D Special, Cliffhanger Productions, submitted by Anon)