ad for Ultimate Arena of Fate showing a pink and cyan haired anime girl bent in a U shape with her breasts thrust out and her butt and legs behind her head with the text "Login to Claim New Waifu" and "SSR Guaranteed!"

The Ultimate Arena of Fate is unforgiving apparently

autisticwolfesbrainisautistic submitted:

Got one of those waifu-gacha ads. I ignored it the first time I saw it, but in a later instance the top edge of the ad sat on the bottom of my screen for a minute while I read another post and I noticed the direction of her foot. With her leg behind her shoulder, foot forward, shes gotta have detached her hip, right? And basically folded that wing of her pelvis in half?

The art is so confusing that from the thumbnail I thought both her legs and her butt were behind her head like she was a donut.  But yeah... her foot looks... reversed?  Maybe she's cybernetic.

Or it's supposed to show how the Ultimate Arena of Fate can be cruel, like fate itself.  It's actually a very deep and philosophical game.

(Ad for Ultimate Arena of Fate, Orchid Savona Technology)