comic panel depicting Lady Death (pale white skinned woman with white hair in a black bra top and black thigh highs and long gloves with a black and red cape) shooting lightning and yelling "There! It is Done!" her stomach is organless and her torso is in a 90 degree centaur pose
comic panel showing Lady Death (literally white skinned woman with big white hair) stabbing Purgatori, her torso is thinner than her arm and her left butt cheek is falling off

Lady Death melting in every panel

Submitted by Anonymous

I guess she's Lady Death so she doesn't need organs, and it's probably fine and normal for her butt to slide off or her body to twist into a Tetris block while fighting.

Also, I know it's a minor thing, but besides her buttcheek sliding off in the second panel, her swimsuit bottom doesn't look like the string thong that seems to be implied in the side shot.  Maybe like her body, it shapeshifts.

(Panels from Lady Death vs. Purgatori, Chaos! Comics)