character art fomr Valiant Force video game showing a long eared pink skinned elf girl with armor on her head, shoulders, arms, and calves but none over her breasts or thighs, holding a large spear and jumping to the side with her breasts and torso at a 90 degree angle to her legs and one thigh pushed in and bent at the knee in a way that makes it look almost like from afar she has only one leg

What is a female knight? a mess of armor, boobs, and limbs

Submitted by Anon

In the thumbnail it almost looked like she had only one leg and like her butt jutting out to one side.  The full picture makes more sense but not by much.  Assuming she has a torso to puncture, that looks like it might be very uncomfortable.

(Promotional art for Valiant Force, XII Braves)