cover of Hellina Catfight #1 showing Hellina (blonde haired white woman in a black bikini outfit that's just black straps across her breasts and down her body) and Catfight (red haired woman in a black bikini and blue jean short shorts with a yellow cat mask on) standing together with Hellina behind, Hellina's body is shaped like a centaur with her leg coming out of her crotch area

When is a catfight not a catfight? When it's a heroine with an electrical taped centaur woman friend

Submitted by Anonymous

A friend pointed out to me that Catfight is actually the name of the other heroine and not just the comic saying that it's gonna be a "catfight" and... I'm still processing that.

Anyway, I think Hellina's body is having trouble processing what's going on too because it's losing cohesion and turning her into a half centaur with a crotchleg.  Also everybody's outfit looks like it's made of pieces of electrical tape.

(Cover of Hellina/Catfight #1, Lightning Comics)