art from Valiant Force showing a white haired woman with tan skin in a black bikini top and torso armor with bare legs and metal greaves, she is standing in a pose where it looks like she is facing the audience, but on closer inspection her foreleg is actually her back leg, and what looks like her back leg is apparently her fore leg, which is an optical illusion and also a boobs and butt pose, apparently

A True Escher Girl Optical Illusion Pose

I spent 45 minutes staring at this picture until my brain melted trying to make sense of her legs.

The logo is covering which leg is in front of which but it looks like she's standing in both a forward wide stance and a boobs and butt pose at the same time when you follow her legs down.  Literally an optical illusion that perfectly fits the definition of an Escher Girl.

It reminds me a lot of the Female Spitfire art from Dungeon Fighter Online when it was submitted here a few years ago.  That was another "True Escher Girl".

(Game art of Berserker Hua Mulan from Valiant Force, XII Braves)