screenshot of Minessa in Dragon Star Varnir visual novel style cutscene, a witch in a frilly short cut black dress with pale white hair, she is flying on a broomstick in a boobs and butt pose with her (seemingly) bare butt completely visible under her short skirt

Probably a bad idea to go commando on a broomstick

I was watching a friend play Dragon Star Varnir the other day and we got to the part where Minessa is showing the protag-stu how to fly (as he is, of course, the only male witch everrrrrr) and the cutscene image of her flying is... a boobs and butt pose but also an upskirt and also... I guess witches don't wear underwear?  Or they wear very tiny thongs.

To paraphrase The Bowler from Mystery Men: maybe you should put on some shorts or something if you want to keep flying over people's heads.

Also there's probably some sort of discomfort going commando and riding a broomstick.

(Cutscene screenshot of Minessa from Dragon Star Varnir, Compile Heart)