comic page of Supergirl shouting "No more games!" as she breaks free of kryptonite chains, she is in her Churchill/Loeb/Turner outfit (the 2 piece blue crop top/mini skirt combo) with her braless breasts vacuum sealed into her top and her skirt hanging very low right above her crotch

TFW your costume shrunk in the wash & you've run out of underwear

maynperalta submitted:

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I don’t think fabric works like that.

It's funny because I was originally not gonna post this because I assumed that this pic had already been on Escher Girls before given how often this Supergirl run's been featured, but somehow... this particular image wasn't one of the ones featured.  Shocking.  Anyway, she's at least not quite the pipecleaner action figure she is in other pictures from that run, but her top is just as vacuum sealed, and her skirt is still a frilly belt that's always threatening to fall off her hips.  Also while Clark said in a previous issue that Lois bought her clothes, I guess Lois didn't buy her enough changes of underwear so she ran out. :\

(Page from Supergirl vol. 5 #3, DC Comics)